Our Mission: Transforming the travel experience

Travel planning is tough

Sure, a little bit of spontaneous travel can be fun. But when you’re planning a vacation for a family, there is no way that you can ever get by with just crossing the bridge as it comes. You need to plan.

With so many options to research and so many little details to think about, it can be a little bit overwhelming. Even if you’re done with figuring what you’d like to do and sites you want to see, there are still the nitty grittys to think about like exchanging for foreign currency and printing transit maps.¬†Oh and don’t forget about trying to figure out what to eat and where as well. And god forbid if you fell ill and need to go to a doctor or a hospital.

If you’re travelling internationally, getting internet access is like travelling back in time to the stone age. You find hotels and all kinds of public spots that have free Wifi. If you’re eager, you can pick up a prepaid SIM card but then you have to make sure your phone is unlocked and is supported. Portable WiFis are available but they don’t come cheap. And don’t even mention about roaming plans.

Smarter travel is on the horizon

Momo is a smart mobile travel companion that makes your international travels easier. Stay at one of our partner hotels or loan a Momo at your destination and let us help you make your life easier.

Internet browser, local and international calling, Google Maps, city guides, personalized recommendations on food, drink and activities, transit maps, currency converter, translator, all in the palm of your hands through Momo.

Always stay connected and never have to worry about which locations offer free Wifi. You’re off the hook! Heck, you can even use it as a wifi hotspot for your family as well.

It’s about time travel gets smarter and easier.


Top 3 Emerging Trends Actually Shaping Hospitality In 2017

Many trends affect the hospitality industry on a day to day basis. In the age of rapid technological and social change, this inevitably leads us to change the way we used to do things. However, some trends may have the strength to last a generation while others may only be a flash in the pan.

We know it’s tough for hoteliers to keep a pulse on all the movement in and around the industry while also making sure you’re running your business well. This is why we’ve decided to focus on the more broader trends as we feel this holds greater meaning in the grand scheme of running the hotel business.

Feel free to weigh your thoughts.

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